There is some amount of charismatic brilliance about Tanjore paintings that attract you towards them at very first instant. They are the fine and stupendous example of how the culture can be entirely captured on the canvas. Tanjore paintings have become one of the most sought out item in any visitors shopping list.

In Tanjore if you are impressed by its art and culture it is impossible to not get fascinated by Tanjore art work and paintings. It is a classical south Indian painting style that is dated for its origin way back to many centuries about 1600 AD. The credit of this magnificence art work originating from Tanjore can be given to the reign of Nayaks. Nayaks were the ones who encouraged art, culture and music in both Tamil and Telugu. By giving encouragement to this style of paintings they have contributed in am immense way to give us more treasure to cherish for. Tanjore paintings are world famous for its  bright hues and fitted delicate gold foil and semi precious stones. Though replicas of Tanjore paintings are available as cheap rates but the original Tanjore paintings will be higher in price. South Keezha Veedhi is the best place to have a taste of this beautiful art.

The things that attract you most toward the painting is surface richness, variety of colors, compact composition and fine detailing. The paintings are not just rich because of the culture that is depicted in them but they are actually very rich because of the use of glittering gold foils that are used in the paintings. It is the use of gold that is behind their lasting age of generations and generations. Besides gold several precious stones and glass pieces are used to decorate the painting. As the painting the frame is equally artistic and wonderful which just add four moons to the star.

The paintings mostly depict culture and devotional icons. The most common figures that are depicted in paintings are of Hindu Gods, goddesses and saints. Lord Krishna is most depicted among them. There are several influential episodes are depicted in sheer brilliance in Tanjore paintings. Tanjore paintings are done on wooden planks and are referred to as palagai padam in local language. They showcase the festivity of south India and are used as decoration items in houses.

Even though the price of Tanjore paintings vary as per their size and material used but an average price that may be asked for painting of standard sizes is as follows:

Sizes  Amount (Rs.)

10 x 8: 2,500

10 x 12: 3,750

15 x 12: 4,750

16 x 14: 6,250

20 x 16: 8,250

24 x 18: 12,000

24 x 30: 20,000

24 x 36: 25,000