Tanjore do not have too many stadiums to boast of but the few it has, are good enough to promote various sports in the city. These stadiums host several local and national events of different sports. Some of the stadiums in Tanjore also has various coaching facilities for children.

Some of the important stadiums in Tanjore are:
Anani Sathya Stadium:
The Annai Sathya Stadium is located near by the very famous Brihadishwara Temple. Annai Sathya Stadium has a length of 1.16 kilometres and is a multi facility sports stadium. It has courts for various sports like basketball, volleyball, and table tennis. Flood lights are available in the court. You can also register yourself for training for various sports in this stadium. Interested people who want to play tennis or get trained can register their names with District Sports Officer at the stadium. The stadium has synthetic tennis court and collector has invited both men and women to go and practice there.
Address of Annai Sathya Stadium:
Medical College Road, N.S.C Bose Nagar, Arulananda Nagar West Extension, Tanjore
Contact: 04362-235633
For school students without flood lights Rs. 500 per month and with flood lights Rs. 750 per month
For other public: Rs. 750 per month without flood lights, Rs. 1,500 per month with flood lights.
If you wish to conduct tournaments at the stadium the charges are Rs. 1,000 per month without flood lights and Rs. 2,000 with flood lights.
TMC Cricket and Football Ground:
Boys Hostel Road,
Tanjore Medical College
Neelagiri, Tamil Nadu 613004
Government ITI Ground:
ITI Ground is next to Brihadishwara Temple Tanjore and is located in Tamil Nadu, India. ITI Ground has a length of 0.52 kilometres. Its an open playground that can be used to play various sports.
Some other stadiums in Tanjore are:
Palace Ground
Thilagar Thidal
Police Parade Ground
Parisutham Nagar Play Ground
Philomina Nagar Play Ground
TMC Basketball Court