Shopping is often associated with women kind as an inherited habit. If you are a woman then you are bound to have shopping genes. Shopping habits vary from pleasure giving and stress bursting to impulsive compulsive disorder of shopaholic. This is very much advisable to get some souvenir back with you as a memorabilia of the city you visited and as gift for your friends and family.

Since the Tanjore city has experienced several rulings in its history and its past is filled with glorious culture and art. Shopping experience in Tanjore is more inclined towards the same. There are certain things that are really a good memorabilia of the place these include Silk weaves, Tanjore Paintings, Dancing Dolls, Traditional Crafts. These can be bought from several places government and private shops and shopping malls. As concerned with Tanjore paintings it is advised to go to craftsman at work and directly buy from them. Shopping malls like Singapore Shopping Mall, Grand Shopping, Philomina Shopping Mall etc. in the city make the experience of shopping in the city more modern and ecstatic.

Musical Instruments in Tanjore:

Tanjore is very deeply associated with music and dance and various musical instruments are used in Carnetic music. These musical instruments can be bought from Tanjore.

Tanjore or Tanjore Paintings:

If you visit Tanjore it is impossible to not get impressed by its art and culture. There is an artwork that is world famous for its blending of diverse bright hues and fitted delicate gold foil and semi precious stones. There is all range of Tanjore paintings they are available as cheap replica of most art work but the original Tanjore painting can cost little high. South Keezha Veedhi is the best place to have a taste of this beautiful art.

Tanjore Silk:

Tanjore Silk is world famous for its quality threads. There is large number of people in this the city those are associated with silk production. Their genuine quality justifies their little higher price.

Dancing Dolls in Tanjore:

Tanjore’s love for music and dance is prominently seen in Thalaiyatti Bommai nodding dolls. They are made of clay. They have that fantastic quality that even a slightest brush of breeze makes their heads go up and down they seem like dancing in joy looking at you. Young children as well as adultsget attracted to them. The shops within the vicinity of Punainallur Mariamman Temple are kind of a hub for these dolls.

Traditional Crafts in Tanjore:

There are some incredible stunning wooden craftwork, brass plates, brass sculptures, silk carpets and other traditional crafts can be purchased from local crafts men. There are some government managed emporiums who sell these items at a reasonable price.

Because of the development schemes of the government and many changing policies of the city, a number of shopping malls are coming up in the city that make the experience of shopping very enjoyable and world class and provide you several options of having fun and entertainment with family at one place. Some of the shopping malls of Tanjore are:

Singapore Shopping mall

Grand Shopping mall

Philomina Shopping Mall

Like every city Tanjore has its very own market places local as well as high priced. You can go there as per your budget and can buy the things that you want at a good bargain. Don’t forget to remember the bargaining rule if you are out there to shop. The prices may get down to significantly low proportions. These markets sell everything from Spices, paintings, local garments and metal objects etc. Some of the important local markets in Tanjore are Keelavasal Market, Serfoji Market and Amarar Swaminathan Market.