Pets are always considered to be the best buddies of humans. Several researches have shown that keeping a pet or playing with it reduces stress levels. They can enhance your mood and boost your energy. There are many type of pets that you can own be it a dog, a bird, fishes or even a rabbit. If you are in Tanjore and you feel like having your own pet you can have it at the various pet shops in the city. You can purchase pet accessories, pet food and pet medicines from these shops in Tanjore.
List of Pet Shops in Tanjore
Thanjai Pets Shop
Address- B M Complex, Cauveri Nagar, Tanjore Housing Unit, Tanjore – 613007
Phone No. – +(91)-9944017595, 9345204242
J K pets
Address- Near Ariyalur Road, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Phone No. – +(91)-9843722498 (Also Deliver in Tanjore)
Address- Plot No-545, S LAL Tower, Sector-20, Dundahera, Gurgaon – 122016
Phone No. – +(91)-11-66727358
Angel Aquarium
Address- Ho, New Housing Unit, Near P.k. Petrol Bunk, Opp, New Bus Stand, No.502-Hig, Tanjore Govt College, THAN.
Phone No. – +(91)-4362-226133, +(91)-9150370781
Golden Fish Aquarium
Address- No: 10/1256, Karandhai, North Street, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Phone No. – +(91)-4362-250125
Asia Aquarium
Address- Near Kasi Computers, Old Bus Stand, Tanjore Main, Tanjore – 613001
Phone No. – +(91)-9843439176
Allmin Aquarium
Address- V A Complex, Opp- Yagappa Lodge, Kallukulam, N K Road, N.k Road, Tanjore – 613006
Phone No. – +(91)-4362-271556, +(91)-9360672741
Anita Aquarium
Address- No 38, Sabthagiri Nagar, Reddypalayam Road, Tanjore Medical College, Tanjore – 613004
Phone No. – +(91)-4362-222075, +(91)-9488549205
Golden Aquarium
Address- Vennatrangarai Near Bud Road Bakery, Valamburi Street, Karunthattankudi, Tanjore – 613002
Phone No. – +(91)-9994042949, 9443661585
Veterinary Hospitals in Tanjore
Keeping a pet is a lot of responsibility. You have to be like a guardian to your pet as you will have to feed them properly, nurse them when they are ill, take them for the walk and get regular medical checkup if you want to keep them safe. There are many hospitals that are specialized hospitals for pets and animals.
Government Veterinary Hospital
Address- Mainckam Colony, Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
Government Veterinary Hospital
Address- Papanasam, Tamil Nadu, India
Veterinary Hospital
Address- Veeramangudi, Tamil Nadu, India
Clinician Veterinary Hospital
Phone:(04362) 272731
Address: Big Temple Compound, Sengipatti, Tanjore- 613001
Landmark: Near Shivagangai Garden
Veterinary Assistant Surgeon
Address- Veterinary Clinic Centre,
Phone no : 9786252862
Dr. Rajendran (veterinary doctor )
Address- Krishna Sweets Opposite,Medical College Road,Tanjore.
Phone No : 9445032653
Government Veterinary Hospital
Address- Near To Periya Koil, Tanjore Housing Unit, Tanjore – 613007
Phone No. – +(91)-4362-272731