Tanjore Municipality dates back to the 19th century when it was created in 1866 as third grade municipality as per Town Improvements Act 1865 and the number of constituent members was only 12. The numbers were eventually increased to 18 and 24 in 1879 and 1883 respectively.  Tanjore municipality was upgraded and became 2nd class municipality in 1933 and upgraded to 1st grade municipality in 1943. Since 1983, Tanjore Municipality is enjoying the special grade status. The legislative powers are vested in a body of 51 members, one each from the 51 wards.

There are six operative departments in the Municipality, these are: General, Engineering, Revenue, Public Health, Town planning and the Computer Wing.

The recent up gradation of Tanjore municipality to municipal corporation took place in 10th April 2013.  The total area under the surveillance of Tanjore Municipal corporation is 110.27 Km2 and a population of  3,20,828.

There are certain new villages that are likely to be added under the service of municipality which are The villages Pudupattinam, Nanjikottai, Neelagiri, Melaveli, Pillaiyarpatti, Ramanathapuram, Pallieri, Vilar and Inathukanpatti.

Address of Municipal Corporation Office:

Tanjore Municipality,

2979/1,Gandhiji Road,

Tanjore – 613001

Important Contacts of Municipal Corporation of Tanjore:


Address: Municipal Office, Gandhiji Road,

Tanjore 613 001.

Tamil Nadu, India

Fax: : 04362-277280

E-mail: commr.Tanjore@tn.gov.in

Complaint regarding:

Water Supply, Street Lights, and Roads

Contact Person: Municipal Engineer

Contact Number: 231222

Complaint regarding:

Public Health, Removal of Rubbish Drains, D&O Trade License & PFA Licenses, Solid Waste Management

Contact Person: Municipal Health Officer

Contact Number: 233538

Complaint regarding:

Building Plan Permission, Installation, and Encroachment

Contact Person: Town Planning Officer

Contact Number: 230920

Complaint regarding Assessment of Taxes / Lease

Contact Person: Revenue Officer

Contact Number: Not Available

Complaints of General Nature about Municipal Administration:

Contact Person: Commissioner

Contact Number: 231553, 230554

Complaint regarding:

All Complaints and about Municipal Administration

Contact Person: Chairman

Contact Number: 230551, 236137, 9443794565

The municipal Corporation has started the online portal for various services so that common people do nit have to queue in order to get their work done. The various services that can be obtained online are:

Birth / Death Registration and Certificates issue

Property Taxation and Tax Collection

Water Charges Collection

Non-Tax Collection

Profession Tax Collection

Financial Accounting System

Building Plans & Permits



Miscellaneous Collections

The Tax Collection system of Municipality is very organized. They Have opened tax Collection centers at various location through out the city and people can pay their Taxes at following locations:

Office Facilitation Counter, Municipal Office

Rajappa Poonga Collection Center, Gandhiji Road

Kallukulam Collection Center, Kallukulam Maternity Center

Municipal Colony Collection Center, Municipal Colony