It is always been stated that a good health is the first treasure and it must be saved and cheered to the fullest. A healthy individual contributes more to the society and with this thought Government of Tanjore has given funds and direction towards development of government and private hospitals. Government hospitals now have the well qualified staff and equipments but they are little crowded. However, if you can afford, the private hospitals have equally trained doctors and nurses but they are expensive.
Private Hospitals in Tanjore
No 1624, Near Old Bus Stand, South Main Street, Tanjore Ho, Tanjore – 613001
Phone: +(91)-4362-233989, +(91)-9894788555
Herbocare Hospital
196, Qeede Millath Nagar 4th Street, Vilar Road, Tanjore P&T Colony, Tanjore – 613006
Phone: +(91)-8508730003
Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital
No 244/2, Near New Bus Stand, Trichy Main Road, Niligiri Therkku Thottam, Tanjore Govt College, Tanjore – 613005
Phone: +(91)-4362-226474, +(91)-7272026575
M R Hospital
No 1, Yagappa Nagar, Pudhukottai Main Road, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Phone: +(91)-4362-278005, +(91)-9443137228
Rohini Hospital
Arulanandha Nagar Near Mani Mandapam Opposite E B Office,
Pudukkottai Main Road 6th Cross West, Tanjore Housing Unit,
Tanjore – 613007
Vinodhagan Memorial Hospital
No 3210/3121, Trichy Road, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Phone: +(91)-4362-234883, 234884
Anu Multispeciality Hospital
No 69, Near Convent Bus Stop, Trichy Road, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Phone: +(91)-4362-275093, +(91)-9443331875
Deiva Hospital
No 4, M C Road, Balaji Nagar, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Right Hospital
No 35/3125, VOC Nagar, Trichy Road, Tanjore Govt College, Tanjore – 613005
Phone: +(91)-4362-279915, +(91)-9942237064
G M Hospital
No 3, Selvam Nagar Opposite Sathya Stadium, Medical College Road, Tanjore Housing Unit, Tanjore – 613007
Phone: +(91)-4362-231134, +(91)-9843339333
Thambu Medicals
No.1514, South Rampart, South Rampart, Tanjore – 613001
Phone: +(91)-4362-239488
Seventh Day Adventist Hospital
No 11, Trichy Road, Melavasthachavadi, Tanjore HO, Tanjore – 613001
Phone: Phone: +(91)-4362-227704, 226262
Government Hospitals in Tanjore
The major important Government Hospitals are Tanjore Medical College Hospital and Raja Mirasudar Hospitals located in Tanjore and a Government Head Quarters Hospital at Kumbakonam.
The Tanjore Medical College Hospital (TMCH) and the Government Raja Mirasudar Hospital (RMH) are hospitals associated and affiliated with Thajavur Medical College. Both of these hospitals are one of the most reputed hospitals in Tanjore. The medical services provided by them are of best quality.
Contact Address:
DIST : Tanjore, Tamil Nadu – 613 004
Phone: 04362-240851, 04362-240951

The various departments in the hospital are
Neuro Surger
Medical Gastroenterology
Surgical Gastroenterology
Thoracic Medicine
Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (ENT)
Cardio Thoracic Medicine
Rajah Mirasudhar Government Hospital
Phone No: Direct: 04362-31221